Attendance System based on Face Recognition


  • Santosh D Kolur, Sahil Chachra, Rohit K, Rishabh Sahu, Rajesh IS


Attendance has become one of the crucial methods for monitoring the students in schools as well as employees at a workplace. Most of these places rely on the manual method or contact based methods to mark the attendance. The face of a person is what we humans use to recognize or identify a person. Manually updating the attendance is a very tedious task and also consumes a lot of time.So we have proposed a way to use face recognition to mark the attendance of students in school by using the concept of face encodings. The attendance of the students' is automatically updated at the end of the day in the database without any human intervention.There are many algorithms available to perform the task. In this proposed system we have used the concept of face encodings which are a part of face_recognition api in python. This enables us to detect multiple faces at once and is also a very effective contactless recognition system when compared to iris or fingerprint recognition.

Keywords:Face recognition, Attendance, Face Encodings.