Client side Secure Image Deduplication for Optimized Storage


  • Prof. Priyanka Bharti, Shreya Karbhari, Sonia Tripathi, Sparsh Gusain, Tejeshwini M S


We all know the ability of images. “Pictures tell a thousand words”. And during this era ofdigitization which has given the benefit to capture top quality images at every moment byanyone making these pictures to be used as a means of visual communication andexpression. As a result it takes great efforts to sort, store and maintain huge amount of high quality images which demands equally huge storage drives. Therefore there is a requirement for a technique which allows the user to save lots of his/her images to the drive, yet serving theaim of an ingenious, cost-effective and proficient storage. Hence this paper meets all the difficulties of having duplicate images in our storage and proposes an answer for an efficient use of space.  In this paper, we impart a secure Deduplication scheme for near alike pictures using DICE. It stands for Dual Integrity Convergent Protocol. It presents a method to achieve secure image deduplication at the block level. The numbers of blocks that are stored in the cloud are undersized in number as the larger is the similarity between images.

Keywords:Cloud Computing, Hashcode generation,Image deduplication, Logical Block Addressing, MD5 algorithm, Multilevel Indexing