Creating 3D Alphabets Using Augmented Reality


  • Vibha Shreya Raju, Roja J, Divyashree R, Vinutha B, Arunakumara B


The scheme of design and evolution of an AR (Augmented Reality) application is based for teaching the alphabets top re-school children's. With the help of AR camera and Computer children could view the superimposed virtual alphabets in a fun and interactive manner. They have a options to see the 3D models of an alphabets. An android applications that is able to support the learning of alphabets through 3D models. Now a days, everybody needs a proper education. Some of the parents are struggling to teach their kids to read and write due to their inability to teach them properly. However some kids are able to learn the things very fast but not all the children’s could grab the things very fastly. So for those that are unable to learn as fast as other children’s so we are using this AR application to grab the attention of the students and also it emphasized interactive learning through play, dance, drama, and also using the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It also exhibited that fun learning also increases the capability to memorize and understanding of the children's.