The Home Automation System Using Brain Computer Interface


  • S. Saravanan, Aviral Tiwari, Yash Gupta


There are a few people endured by Home Automation, a lack infection which causes them immobilization of their body parts, they are not ready to move, talk, and a few people can't move even their head. Commonly, various electronic appliances in our home can be operated with the help of a remote or an on/off switch. But, this is not possible for the disabled people as they cannot move their body. So, for these individuals mind sensor is a boon. The Mind wave sensor takes a shot at the guideline of BCI (Brain Computer Interface) which screens EEG waves from Brain. It secures mind flags and makes an interpretation of them into directions that are handed-off to yield gadgets that complete the ideal activity. It depends on EEG.  EEG – Electroencephalography which screens the Electrical property of the Brain along the Scalp (Non-intrusive). An EEG records cerebrum wave designs. Little plate (Electrodes) are set on the scalp, and afterward impart signs to a PC to record the signs. Electrical movement in the mind makes a conspicuous example. Our work helps them to operate various home appliances with the aid of eye blink. Our work is having a core system as Arduino. In this system, priority is set in order of light and fan. We can add more appliances by giving furthermore order of priorities.