Living Ambient Environment Survey Using Ambient Intelligence as Companion


  • Abhay Kumar Srivastav, Shobhana Saxena


Ambient Intelligence is a state-of – the art technology that provides insight into our daily lives through various areas of elderly care, video monitoring, etc. It stipulates the notion of electronic environments that are selfeffacing and sensitive to individuals or objects being present. Despite society's latest trends, crime has an influence on most parts of people's ordinary lives. Henceforth, people themselves began securing against wrongdoing. This paper depicts an AmIbased framework which gives home-based security. The proposed framework primarily centers around two strategies:Face recognition to differentiate householder and identification of anomalies to track the person's exercises. In this way it can be used to send alerts to people and relatives if necessary and allow continuous checks to catch any anomalies via the Internet of Things (IoT). The proposed device produces a equipped face attention and peculiarity detection with excessive rates of success.