Pedestrian Protection System for Driver to Anticipate Accidents Using Image Processing


  • B. Harshavardhan Reddy, N. Gayathri


Because of the overpopulation peoples in rural areas are migrated to metro Politian cities. As the populations in metropolitan area are increasing the number of vehicle used by the people in the particular area also increased. Hence in peak hours traffic problems are increased. Understanding traffic signals is essential .Traffic signals acts as a silent conductor of the traffic on the road. Drivers who fail to obey traffic signals put not only themselves but other motorists in danger of accidents and serious injuries. In this paper we are using an image processing based automatic braking system for vehicle riders, if any object, human beings are crossing on the road the sensors which are connected in the end of the road detect the particular object, and it gives signal to the vehicle riders to slow down the speed. So the object or human begins crossing the road will be protected by avoiding unwanted consequences.