Recon-Automation using OSINT


  • Sorna Shanthi D, Jai Krishna B, Jagan RM, Harish M


In Today's technology driven world, there are many tools and sources to gather publicly available data for the purpose of information security investigation, but the major shortcoming is that it still needs intervention of a person to infer whether the data obtained is relative and genuine. In Open Source Intelligence (OSNIT) the name “open source” clearly depicts that the information obtained is available to anyone and present publicly, but OSINT mainly works on how the information is gathered. OSINT involves information that is not only gathered from search engines but also from various other sources that search engines cannot deliver. Main application of OSINT in cyber-security is threat, predictive intelligence. The system that is proposed not only has the ability to perform link analysis where relationships between endpoints are evaluated but will also try to find correlation between the data fetched from different open source endpoints.