Attribute Based Secured Approach for Data Retrieval Using an Efficient Search Algorithm


  • R. Ajay Maninder, B. Vani


Now a day’s many people uses cloud storage not only individuals but many companies also uses cloud storage. Cloud is very easy, so because of this reason most of the people use it. The data stored in cloud should be in a safe manner. Instead of storing the data directly on the personal device drive on the electronic device to store it in the cloud for better and good security purposes. Cloud data can be accessed via internet through service provider. The most challenging task in cloud storage is the secured search on encrypted cloud data. Here to overcome some security problems each data owner utilizes the key to encrypt their data files. Many cloud data owners outsourcing their information to the cloud providers. For security purpose sensitive information in the cloud is encrypted earlier than outsource the data. Different types of searching schemes used to make sure the availability of the data. But the existing techniques do not pay more attention to the effectiveness of the users request during multiple owner situations. This paper proposed a new searching concept with attribute algorithm.