Operation Algorithm of DC-based Power Sharing Micro Grid for Industrial Complex


  • Chun-Sung Kim
  • Jong-cheol Kim
  • Hyun-ju Oh
  • Sung-Jun Park
  • Jae-ha Ko


Background/Objectives: MG is divided into grid independent and grid connected, and there are various customers depending on the method. In the case of grid-independent type, it is applied to the situation where it is difficult to supply electricity directly from the power plant centering on the island area, and the goal is to supply stable power even if the production cost is high. In the case of grid-connected type, the goal is to reduce the amount of electricity by lowering peak power consumption or basic power consumption, mainly for high power consumers.

Methods/Statistical analysis: In this paper, we propose a DC grid microgrid (MG) that can be applied to industrial complexes and aim to reduce energy and electricity bills through power supply using DC grid. The ESS consisted of different types of batteries (Li-ion, LiFePO4) and analyzed the power loss and voltage drop through DC distribution. In addition, the optimum battery is proposed by analyzing the temperature characteristics according to the charging and discharging at this time.

Findings: A method of controlling DC ship prospects using renewable energy is introduced and applied to agricultural industrial complexes. The proposed algorithm proved that PV and ESS are installed in the plant, DC distribution system with 5 factories is constructed, and can operate efficiently according to the algorithm. The ESS batteries in the verification locations use different types of batteries and verify that the DC distribution is good by analyzing the efficiency of the DC distribution in terms of temperature characteristics and renewable energy.

Improvements/Applications: In this paper, we analyze the actual data derived from algorithms and power transactions designed by constructing real microgrids and aim to reduce energy and electricity bills.

 Keywords: Distributed power supply, micro grid, electric charge, interlocking operation, optimal operation.