Android Notes using Finger Print Authentication


  • R. Jaya Prakash, T.Devi


In this current digital word every people are using various smart devices in their daily life. From the different types of smart devices mobile phones are the important one. In olden days mobile phones are used only for communication. Now phones are used for various purposes such as to store personal data, funds transfer etc. So, in smart devices security is very important. Different types of security concepts are used in the mobile phones. Pattern identification and pin number is the example of security services. These security patterns are used in mobile phones with touch screen facility. These security concepts are easily hacked by the third parties. In this article proposed a new security system using finger print recognition to open the content in the mobile phone. Using this new application the users can able to create new notes, delete existing notes and open an existing notes. This method is more secure compared with existing security methods because each user have unique fingerprint id.