Impact of ICT Adoption on Productivity of Indian SME’s ‘A Study of Ghaziabad- UP’


  • Mani Tyagi, Ranchay Bhateja, Amit Tyagi


Purpose of the study: The objective  of this paper is to publish the results of research work done to study the impact of ICT on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The study was conducted to find out the increase in productivity of SME’s due to the implementation of ICT. Also it was studied whether internet contributed additionally in the expansion of the SME market.

Methodology: The data was collected from 80 SME’s of Ghaziabad through questionnaire as the research instrument. Bothe qualitative and quantitative method was used in analysing the data

Major findings: The result analysis shows that only small number of firms in Ghaziabad is getting benefits through ICT. Many are using internet for local mailing. The customers are mainly using internet for leisure and connecting on social media rather professional growth. Poor infrastructure for internet, lack of financial aids and many personal reasons were the main reasons for non adopting ICT in business. The result also focussed that availability of training facilities, non affordable cost of using ICT products and services, consultation and free professional advice can improve the business.

Practical Implications and values: By using ICT by SME’s new options can be opened, inventories can be reduced and services can be made flexible and tradable. The paper made pioneering effort to analyze the role of ICT as it may play an icebreaking role towards development of the country’s economy.

Scope: The study was conducted on SME”s on the basis of their performance w.r.t productivity and profits in Ghaziabad only. However Ghaziabad was selected as it’s in NCR and many Small and Medium enterprises are concentrated here. This study can promoted  to various other districts of Uttar Pradesh and other states as well.