A Review on Amplification of Order Quantities– Bullwhip Effect


  • John Rajan A, Arun Prasad N S, Aswin Shankharan, Vignesh T, Vincent H Wilson


The most important problem of the future that should be addressed today is the guarantee of effective goods transfer without any amplification of the order quantities. We are addressing this paper from the analytic approach of the knowledge gained by referring over 150 papers of different publications on Bullwhip effect and the problem faced by people in the Logistic and Supply Chain Arena. Bullwhip Effect is nothing but the variation in the demand and supply over a multi layered supply chain system. This is caused due to human errors at various stages of the process, including Forecasting and Survey. Now that technology has advanced and the evolution of Industry 4.0 has given bloom to so many sophisticated ways of handling goods, we still are not able to achieve the minimum loss on the side of Bullwhip effect.