A Productive Chat Bot Replacing FAQ System Using Dialogflow


  • Pachipala Yellamma, K Pushpalatha, Malladi Srinivas, B Ashok, PVRD Prasad Rao


Chatbots are very much human-like and provide a virtual assistance to solve our queries they offer a text and voice supported user interface, permitting the user to either type or speak and the response is provided through text format. Chatbots provide a wide range of services and functionality. This chatbot technology can be integrated with many platforms and web services using the Dialogflow built-in Integrations facility. This technology would not just answer the user's queries but also learn from the user and updates its database with new strategies. This is built using Google’s Dialogflow, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) technology pedestal on NLC (Natural Language Conversations). This technology supports NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine to incorporates chat context like location, dialogue history and user preferences. This System would be very helpful to easily categorize and classify large amount of data. The user must put their query to the bot and can expect a reply in less than a sec. The system will use the Google’s Natural language processing algorithm and is powered by Google’s machine learning which can train the bot and provide suitable responses to the client. If the response is establish invalid, then several systems to announce the response as invalid can be included. Such type of invalid answers can be removed or customized by the admin of the system. The answers to the queries are made using the general pattern matching technique, user queries are split into different parts and then they undergo the predefined pattern set to produce the result.