Smart Voice Control Framework for Home Appliances using IBM Cloud Services


  • M. Kavitha, Kalyan Jonnalagadda, P Naga Koteswara Rao, V Navya Sree


With the advancements of technology, the need for comfort, safety and security has been increased. Internet of things is one such technology that connects all things or end devices with the internet. Smart home comes under one of the illustrative fields of IoT. From the past, many models have been proposed for smart home automation i.e., to control the home appliances using a smart device over internet. Remote controls with IR features are proposed to control the end devices by pointing at them. But there occurred few drawbacks regarding the state dependencies in controlling the appliance and also in the interface of the remote. Other models are also implemented through an internet enables mobile phone. Voice recognition modules are implemented with the home automation cloud via Bluetooth SPP which detects the patterns and sends appropriate commands to the end devices like lights, fan, bulb etc. and perform necessary actions. These actions include turn on and off the devices. The sign of intuitiveness is missing in these models. So, to overthrow these drawbacks, a system that uses voice control through Home Automation cloud using IBM Watson and Pub-Nub is proposed in this project. IBM Watson is a speech-to-text engine that converts the speech signals into commands or text and sends it to data streaming network called Pub-Nub which process the command and trigger the action on devices connected in the smart home. This paper aims at interactions between the voice recognition device, the cloud and architectures involved in it.