Analysing Studies for Managing Immunity through Yoga Healthcare Science during COVID-19 Lockdown Period


  • Shalom Akhai, Raman Chadha, B. Ravi Kumar, Venktesh Sharma


Through this article, the literature review examination shows that human organs, such as the lungs in the respiratory system are initially damaged by COVID-19. Possible solutions to render certain organs healthy enough to counter and prevent COVID-19 to seek and combat its impact on the human body through Yoga are discussed based on literature available. It has been reported in ancient Indian literature that through performing yoga, the human body's respiratory system improves; also it has been observed that COVID-19 has less effect on the young generation, perhaps because the respiratory system is strong relative to old people. When people grow older, their respiratory ability becomes gradually slower relative to their breathing rate and power while they are young. So to maintain the respiratory system healthy enough, it is recommended to perform asana yoga, such as Kapalabhati pranayamas, which improves the human respiratory system. As a consequence, we can infer that by practicing yoga, one can battle COVID-19 with more energy and strength