Field Study on Safety of National Highways


  • A. Anusha, P. Ayyappa, V. Hemanth Naik, Ch. Hanumantharao


Road safety is the main aspect that should be considered in the developing country like India. The present study objective is to evaluate the road safety deficiencies and improvements on existing road network i.e., NH-65 from Pune to Machilipatnam the total length of the selected stretch is 51.20 Km that is from Jaggaiahpet  to Vijayawada. In this stretch the accident data is collected, black spots are identified, and maintenance measures are identified. Perakalapadu junction i.e.,(230km+600m) is one of the major black spots in this stretch. Road safety deficiencies such as unauthorized median openings, confused behavior of pedestrians, unavailability of bus stops, neglecting the traffic rules etc., were identified in the location. In addition to these it was found . Keeping all these deficiencies in the view certain security, safety, quality and mitigation measures are taken by National Highway Authority of India[NHAI] in order to control the percentage of accident.