Over Speed and Alcohol Detection SMS Alert System


  • V. Rajayalakshmi, B. Chandra Mouli, Ch. Sai Kishore, A. Pratyusha, P. Sai Surya Srinivas


With rising technologies and developed automobiles with high end motor vehicles, increased horse power and accessible speed, it is easier than ever to come in contact with accidents. People are able to drive recklessly, affecting the safety of common people. Although speed limits and other prevention laws were implemented, road accidents continue to happen every day. Some of the main contributing factors leading to motor vehicle accidents are over speeding, rash driving and drunk driving. The proposed work is to develop a device which controls accidents due to over speed, drunk driving, rash driving on motor vehicles. This device will be able to detect over speed and programmed to alert with a SMS. The device also includes an application which disables the starting of the vehicle engine when alcohol consumption is detected. The device model is designed using Arduino MEGA, GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication).