Review on Hybrid Refrigeration System for Air Conditioning System


  • Ankitkumar, Harshad Bankar, Arvindkumar Maurya, Vaibhav Patil, Sagar Khandbhale


The most concern thing in the world in current decade is the reliable source of Energy. As the matter of time it is now time to approach non-conventional source of energy. The major energy among non-conventional energy is generated by solar energy. In this review paper we discussed on the part where we generate energy thorough solar system and after that we utilize that energy to overcome the part load on Hybrid air conditioning. This is done to run the system on partly on solar and rest on electricity. In this whole process the challenge is to maintain the refrigerating effect with simultaneously minimization of electricity consumption. The role of coefficient of performance of system is very critical because as the time passed Coefficient of performance is first decrease and then increase so the challenge is to maintain it. This review paper also elaborate the work done in this field of Refrigeration and Air conditioning