MOORA approach for Channel Decision in Cognitive Radio Network


  • Rahul Awathankar, MSS Rukmini, Rajeshree Raut


In the cognitive radio network, channel decision is a critical assignment to utilize the unused spectrum band as a secondary user without interfering with the primary user. Thus different criteria of the available spectrum are exploited as per the requirement of the secondary user to establish connectivity with the network for data transmission. Here Multi-objective Optimization based on Ratio Analysis i.e., the MOORA algorithm is anticipated as multiple criteria decision-making method i.e., MCDM technique for channel selection in the cognitive radio environment. MOORA method acquires contradictory appearances such as criteria and alternatives available.  A matrix of the response of alternatives to the criteria is considered and ratio analysis is performed to find the ranking of the available channel. Finally, a decision-making problem with different weighted matrix based on the user application and criteria is illustrated and results show that the proposed MOORA algorithm outperforms similar other algorithms in terms of diverse criteria features,  complexity, and practicality.