Biomass (Palm Kernel Shell) in Renewable Energy for CFB boiler in Indonesia


  • Adit Hinantho, Muhammed Ali Berawi


Coal-fired power plants are one of the most economical power plants for the fuel side if it is efficiently operated compared to other fossil powered power plant. Coal-fired power plant boiler has several types. One of them is CFB Boiler that also can be used fuel from biomass. CFB boiler are relatively new among boiler for power plant due to the efficiencies. This can be an opportunity to reduce the emission by the used of the fuel using biomass. And the palm kernel shell is the one of the potential option that maybe not need modification to the boiler and the infrastructure for certain portion. This study aims to find an analysis of the feasibility of investment for operating CFB boiler with palm kernel shell to reduce the use of fossil fuel with minimum adjustment to the system. with technical considerations to determine whether it is possible to not modify and how much it can be reduced from the fuel cost and emission. It is expected that this research will shows the difference of cost and emission between single coal fuel and mixed several ratios with PKS.