The Development of Planning and Controlling Procedure for Gas Well Drilling Projects to Improve Time Performance Based on PMBOK 2017

(Case Study of XYZ Gas Field Well Drilling Project in West Papua)


  • Archivito Aryo Santoso, Yusuf Latief


Lack of attention to proper procedures in the planning and controlling system is one of the main causes of delay of many projects. In the exploration project of gas field in West Papua, delay is one of the main problems that occur. Project delays during the exploration drilling period caused many losses mainly related to delays in the monetization period of the gas field, while the duration of the production sharing contract for the gas field with the Indonesian government cannot be extended in the near future. This research was conducted to provide development of the project planning and control system procedures for to improve the time performance of gas wells drilling projects on the XYZ Gas Field by using project management scientific principles based on the PMBOK 2017. The method used in this research is a risk analysis using a case study of XYZ Gas Field exploration drilling operations and also a survey to determine the dominant risk that can affect time performance of the project. Furthermore, preventive and corrective actions will be designed and recommended to develop the exploration well drilling project procedures so that time performance can be improved. The results in this research indicate that there are three aspects needed for the development of planning and controlling procedures of well drilling projects in the XYZ gas field; the project risk management system that is applied to all phases of the project life cycle, the application of a project management software and inclusion of project communication risk analysis in the risk management system. It is expected that the results of this study can provide input to ABC Co., the contractor managing the XYZ Gas Field in determining and making improvements to the performance of the drilling operation and completion of the development well and also the production well that will be carried out in the future.