Information and Communication Technology Competencies of Madrasah Aliyah Teachers in West Java


  • Sumarsih Anwar, Saimro, Nur Alia, Neneng Habibah, Juju Saepudin, Mulyana


This article presents the results of research on mapping the competency of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Madrasah Aliyah teachers in West Java. The study was conducted by survey method, with a population of all teachers in the State and Private Madrasahs in West Java. The results showed that the basic competencies of ICT teachers in West Java were good enough, with the highest score in Microsoft Word and the lowest in Microsoft Excel and graphic design. The age characteristics have a significant difference in the teacher's ICT ability test scores. While related to the use of ICT for various aspects, this research has managed to find several things, namely: the use of ICT for curriculum and assessment is in the quite high category; for pedagogics it is also quite high, for administration and organization it is in the high category; and for the development of the teaching profession in general is still low. The inhibiting factors in the use of ICT are mostly caused by the limited number of computers and laptops, the limited speed of the internet, and the limited time.