A Variable- Attribute Modified Chain Sampling Plan Constructed on Process Potential Index


  • K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna, V. Jemmy Joyce


Product control measures are significant for any manufacturing industry.  Measures on product control can be achieved with the effective control on the process which reflects an increase of quality check.  Research on Process and Product Control measures are currently ongoing which involves the concept of Process Potential Index. In this study, a variable-attribute modified chain sampling plan with process potential index,  is discussed. The Probability of acceptance and allied measures are given. Tables are made to get the parameters of the plan. In this plan the variable inspection sample size is found instead of fixing it. The projected variable-attribute sampling plan is greatly used in industries to inspect the product with respect to the description limits and to protect the period and price of inspection to influence on the closing result.

Keywords: Modified Chain Sampling, Process potential index, Producers’ and Consumer’s risks