Evolutionary Implementation of Wireless Power Mobile Edge Cloud on Low Power Robotics


  • Sammar Zahra, Chengrui Zhang, Asad Mehmood


The advancements in robotics have caused many innovative applications to appear on the surface. These modern applications are becoming more and more resource hungry and hence the traditional conventional robotic systems in which the mechanical system carries all resources onboard are proving to be ineffective. This has led to an increase in the research of Cloud-Robotics, where Robots and other wireless mechanical systems will have their sensors and actuators intact but the computational capabilities could be utilized from a remote database server commonly known as a cloud. This research includes robotic devices offloading a part or whole of their extensive computational tasks using Binary offloading scheme to a remote cloud for processing. The reliability of the proposed model is measured by overall energy performance of the robotics network. Extensive simulation to validate the proposed solution has been conducted. Results demonstrate that computational energy efficiency of robots connected to LCCP is increased as compared to those performing their task locally. This reflects the fundamental trade-off between local computation and offloading.

Keywords: Cloud Robotics, Binary Offloading scheme, Wireless Power Mobile Edge Cloud, Energy Efficiency