Effect of Welding Current and Electrodes on Depth of Penetration in Shielded Metal Arc Welding Process


  • Rudra Pratap Singh


Depth of penetration is a very important macroscopic welding output parameter whch indirectly indicates the mechanical properties of the weld. This work aims at the investigation of the effect of three different types of electrodes at varying welding current in shielded metal arc welding process utilizing  Low Carbon Steel plate of API 5L Grade X 52. The three electrodes used were E 6013, E 7016 and E 7018 and the varying currents were used as 90 A, 100 A and 110 A. Total 9 pairs of welds were obtained to analyze the effect of current and the electrode on the depth of penetration. The dimensions of the work pieces were as 75 mm x 50 mm x 5 mm. The values of depth of penetration in each weld were recorded in a table and diagrams were drawn to make clear the effect of welding current on depth of penetration for different electrodes. It was found that depth of penetration increased for all the electrode cases if the value of the current was increased.