Reconditioning & Improvisation of The Lead-Acid Battery


  • Pandiri Shiva, A. Sathyaraj, Pusuluri Shilpa, Chitupaka Raju, Rajita.S


This paper elaborates the improvisation of lead-acid batteries and helps in reconditioning the lead-acid battery to prolong its life cycle and efficiency. Batteries are the electrochemical power sources which convert chemical energy into electrical energy. These are also considered as a storehouse for electrical energy. Batteries are a major technological challenge because they are one of the major sources for efficient energy storage in this new era. Li-ion&Lithium batteries are leading today’s world because they are more efficient and portable in this electronic world. Even though there is still a lot of research going on Li-ion&Lithium batteries, we still use the lead-acid battery in our automobiles, Power stations and domestic appliances. This is because it has higher potential and is less expensive. Why lead-acid is less efficient? and how to improve the lead-acid battery to increase its efficiency?, Started an experimental-Work to improve the lead-acid battery. Gone through many literature surveys and guidance from professors who are specialized in electrochemistry. Many reactions are done to improve the battery. Finally, Succeeded in the experimental-work. There is a chance for improvisation of lead-acid battery which gives better results when compared to an un-improvised lead-acid battery.