Principles of Private Law: From Roman Law To DCFR


  • Evgen Kharytonov, Olena Kharytonova, Tetiana Kharytonova, Denis Kolodin, Piotr Mysiak


The issues of definition of the term "EU law" are considered. The principles of Roman private law and their importance for the formation of the principles of modern EU private law in the context of the creation of a draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) are being explored, with the help of which a number of important methodological issues of creating a new concept of European private law are planned. The subject of the study was public relations on human rights in the European area. International legal acts were the subject of a research article (DCFR). The deduction, analysis, synthesis, historical method, logical method, comparison method were used in the study. As a result of the study, the following conclusions were made. The task of DCFR is to provide a basis for improving the concept of private law under the basic values of European civilization. So, this imperative should be guided by each state and determining the directions and nature of the development of national civil legislation.

 Keywords: aquitas, DCFR, European law, Human Rights, Justitia, principles of law, Roman law.