Students Perception Regarding Quality Assurance in Higher Education Through Identified Parameters: An Evaluative Study


  • Indu Bala


Education is the key factor in the growth strategy of any developing country and has rightly been accorded an honoured place in the society. A country could develop in case its people make all-round progress believing in the individual dignity and value of human life. Education is the only tool to have the potential to effect change in the system of social stratification. Higher education system so as to progress of the students provides the in-depth acquaintance and understanding for new frontiers of knowledge in diverse walks of life. This study aims to investigate how students perceive the quality services they are offered at a higher education institution and how satisfied they are with them. For this purpose, an evaluation study using a questionnaire to measure three identified parameters (Teaching-Learning, Research and Extension) of student satisfaction at an institutional level will be presented that covers most aspects of student life. This study has been conducted by taking the sample of 300 students from three state universities (GNDU, PU, Pbi. U)of Punjab. The results of this study indicated that students are satisfied regarding quality assurance in higher education but they do not satisfy at extreme with the services provided to them. Also the findings revealed that the teachers can be trained to be more skilled, competent and knowledgeable in theirwork conditions. Teacher should also show the genuine concern for student’s progress and needs, set tasks that are useful as learning experiences and also encourage more online discussions. Majority of students of PU and Pbi. U don`t know about ongoing research work in their institutions. Further the overall 78.75% of students of GNDU, 47.50% of students of PU and 67.25% of students of Pbi. U showed their perception positively regarding the extension activities in higher education institutions.