Smart Power Theft Monitoring System


  • Mahabaleshwara Sharma K, Palimaru Aparna.


With the electric industry experiencing change, expanded consideration is being focused on power supply dependability and power quality. Power suppliers as well as users are equally worried about reliable power, regardless of whether the emphasis lies on intrusions, aggravations or extended power outages. Power theft is the major hindrance in providing the quality power to the valued subscribers. Power monitoring can provide reliable data to the power suppliers about power flow and help them identify the reasons for power failures. The proposal in this paper is to monitor the pattern of current flow at the input and output (I/O) terminals of the energy meter installed at the user’s location and hence determine the power theft. Once the power theft is confirmed, immediately the supply to that line is cut off and the buzzer is activated. Also, the message is passed on to the concerned authority using wireless data transmission technique to take appropriate action.