Investor’s Experiences of Investing in Mutual Funds in India


  • Kavita Patil, Sujata Chincholkar


Mutual fund industry is growing leaps and bounds in India. Numbers of investors in mutual funds are increasing rapidly. Investors invest in mutual funds either with the help of PMS or using their own judgments and knowledge. At the same time, there are sizeable numbers of people who shy away from any form of investment in stock market. Those who invest in mutual funds can share a lot about their experience of putting money into Mutual Funds. Their experiences can become a guiding path for those who still think that Mutual funds are not their cup of tea.  This paper best describes the experiences of investors investing in mutual funds using primary data. Investors have shown their confidence in Mutual Fund investments. The survey revealed that mutual fund investors are taking well-informed decisions and are experiencing good returns on their investments.