Bakery Industry in India – Innovations, Trends and Challenges


  • S.C.B. Samuel Anbu Selvan, P.Ponramu, T. Mary Arul Mathy


Bakery products are food items which generally include biscuits, cakes, pastries, flat-bread, tortilla, bun, croissant, and the like. These products are rapidly gaining popularity owing to their pleasant taste and health-benefits as they are made from a variety of grains such as rye, maize, wheat, and oats among others. As bakery products provide both convenience and affordability to the consumers, their consumption level has witnessed a rise in the past few years. The Indian bakery industry is dominated by the small-scale sector with an estimated 50,000 small and medium-size producers, along with 15 units in the organized sector. Apart from the nature of the industry, which gravitates to the markets and caters to the local tastes, the industry is widely dispersed also due to the reservation policies (relating to the small scale industries) of the government. This article aims to study about the Innovations, Trends and Challenges in Indian Bakery Industry. Data for the study were collected through Secondary Techniques. Appropriate findings and conclusion has been arrived as the result of the study.