Border Guard Spy Robot


  • B. Ramu
  • M. Anand
  • S. Jyothirmaye


What is a Robot? It is a multifunctional, reprogrammable device which is principally designed to work like humans. It is expected to interpret the works such as surveillance, aerospace, loading and unloading, industrial, health care, pick & placeof goods. Spy Robots can perform the most hazardousactivities and with more accuracy to increase the productivity as it can work for 24 by 7 without rest. This paper explains the architectural design and controlling of automated vehicle kind robot which can move in desired track, capturing pictures and videos of required locations and immediate transmission of data. The main controlling device of the intact system is Arduino micro-controller. When the user turns on the robot, the robot moveswithin predefine path.SR04 and 5laser guns are interfaced to the Arduino micro-controller. In this paper we present an android application developed by use of MIT App inventor and Wi-Fi communication is established which interfaces with micro-controller to control itsdirection and speed. Major work in this paperis to design a motion controlled robot using Wi-Fi of an Android device.