"Students' personality in Environmental Model based on students' Attitude, LOC and Personal Responsiblity"


  • Damianus Daikoban
  • I Made Putrawan
  • Diana Vivanti S.


If people environmental behavior would be build positively, the role of personality should be considered. Therefore, what factors scientifically supposed to be related to personality in environmental setting was the objective of this research. A non-causal survey method used by selecting randomly 120 primary school students, in Jakarta. There were four instruments developed for measuring personality (big-5 personality) with reability was .796, students attitude toward environment (.561), LOC (.602) and personal responsibility (.861). Data analyzed by regression and correlation. The research results revealed that all three of independent variables (attitude, LOC and personal responsibility) correlated positively and significantly with students' personality, especially after tested by using second-order correlation. The variable personal responsibiliy was the greatest contributor to students personality variance. Changing students environmental behavior would be influnced by personality, therefore those three factors could be taken into account when students' personality would be build to be more positive toward the environment.