Benefits of Web-Based Learning


  • Padmesh R
  • Sreeya B


The basic idea of the this technology based education is to help the students to gain the knowledge from the internet at any time they need. This helps the students who feels difficult to learn with the help of books and it benefits the students who are differently abled by using the devices or software which helps them to learn. The objectives are to analyze how the students are benefited because of the technology-based education and to find an association between the education qualification and the benefits offered by the education which are provided via the web (internet) - based courses. The survey was taken to the students of different age groups to know their ideas and defects of these technologies for education. The sort of research handled in this investigation is descriptive and software utilized is SPSS. 1810 samples had collected and it is considered as a sample size. The statistical tools used here is chi-square, independent sample test, and ANOVA. This paper discuss about the technology development in education and how the students are beneficial to those development. This paper concludes that the students are very much interested in gaining knowledge by using this web-based education and it is very easy for the students to cover their syllabus by sitting in their home at any time they wish.