Critical Evaluation on Tamil Nationalism


  • B. Smruthi
  • D. Vezhaventhan


A Demand for separate homeland by people having tamil as mother tongue is termed as Tamil Nationalism. Tamil nationalist feel separation necessary to preserve and protect their culture. Tamil Nationalism is observed to have emerged as an outcome of linguistic discrimination in multilingual countries. On the other side, Politicians use this aggression to play foul games. The Primary Objective of the research is to trace out the phases of Tamil Nationalism in India. The Secondary Objective of the research is to understand the concept of Tamil Nationalism. A study has been conducted among 1213 respondents to extract their opinion. The collected data has been analysed by using SPSS package. Independent variables used in this research paper are name, age, gender, educational qualification, occupation and monthly income. Dependent variables are ‘Do you agree that Tamil nationalism will annihilate the caste?’ and ‘Do you agree that Tamil nationalism concept will lead to separation of tamil population from India?'.