Assessing Intelligence Conversation Agent Trends- Chatbots-AI Technology Application for Personalized Marketing


  • Abayomi Oluwaseyi Ikumoro
  • Mohammed Saeed Jawad


This research presents an overview of the global trends of personalized marketing along four dimensions: personalization impact, preferred personalized marketing channel, challenges, and personalization drivers/benefits. Based on the analysis of the previously surveyed reports and article, the research presents a rich insight from two perspectives: the present and futuristic role of marketing professionals across industries and countries, as well as consumers’ perceptions based on personalized marketing. The global result shows that the utilization rate of artificial intelligence powered chatbots is lagging across most industries and countries, except for travel and tourism industries. Furthermore, it is shown that the effectiveness of any personalized marketing depends largely on the access to quality data, data analytics, and automated technological solutions to help harness and integrate data from multiple channels. Taken together, the research findings consistently highlight the importance of personalized marketing to be for these: revenue growth, profits, customer loyalty and retention, and increasing customer lifetime value through engagement.