Self - Organizing and Coverage Recovery Techniques for WSN


  • M. Aparna
  • V. S. Anita Sofia
  • V. Deepika
  • J. Harshini


In this current century there are various emerging technologies. The main issues in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), is to give enough and continuous range of networks, to provide this heterogeneous sensors are used. The protocols are used to build the productivity   framework and to minimize the  power absorption. The Coverage-Aware Sensors Automation protocol (CASA), includes two method. That is  first  method is sensor self-arranging calculations. Second method is Sensor self-organizing algorithm (SSOA) which involves the subsequent calculation method that upgrade virtual powers calculations with the help of (EVFA-B) Enhanced virtual force algorithm with boundary forces. This expresses that every sensor hub will have attractive and dreadful powers on each other sensor. The subsequent powers is utilized to put the sensors at suitable spot so as to reach the given level of energy. The first algorithm is engaged (ie) there is a some sudden or surprising disappointment of the various sensors of  hub. It acts nearby fixes by responding to the sensor. This paper says about coverage recovery techniques from various hubs.