A Research on Vehicle Control in Vehicle to Infrastructure Environment


  • V. Suresh Kumar
  • M. Priya
  • M. Anitha
  • G. Tharitha Sririya


An infrastructure dependent Vehicular Ads hoc NETworks (VANET), is being an emerging fields of interest and developing field among researchers, business community of automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). A Mobility Model of VANET plays a vital role in the effective communication between each node. A Real time Trace-based Driver’s Realistic Behavior (DRM) Mobility Model of VANET has been designed to achieve high packet transmission in the network. To provide an ensured packet delivery among the Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) and to avoid the selfish node, an Optimizing Node Selections Routing Protocol (ONSRP) has been designed based on trust for an Enhanced Drivers Realistic Behavior (DRM) Mobility Model using a Trusted Computing Algorithms. The time complexity of Trusted Computing algorithm has been computed and proved to be efficient. The result shows that the Trusted ONSRP routings has a high performances measures than the existing routing protocols.