Enhancing Work Performance of Automobile Sales Employees in Industry 4.0


  • M. Manjula
  • T. Prakash


The 4th industrial revolution is a combination of big data, Automation, Internet of things, and Artificial Intelligence. The 4th industrial revolution play a major role in all functional strategies of growing organizations across the world. As industry 4.0 is a blend of hardware, software and people, more jobs will be created to develop and optimize cyber physical systems where supply of skilled labour is needed to assess, install and maintain the hardware and to develop, improve and monitor the software information. The bond between Human Resource Management Practices, Leadership, Work Engagement and Employee Work Performance have been well documented through different literatures. The correlation result reveal that high correlation exists between the factors work skills and HRM practices on work performance. The regression analysis reveals that work performance is predicted by the work skills. Hence the organizations must concentrate to increase the employee performance through providing best HRM Practices, courteous leadership and recruiting and retaining the best talent for the organization.