Corporate Internships: An Effective Model to Develop Work Place Skills for Employability


  • Rajeshwari Patil
  • Ganesh Waghmare


Corporate internships has proved to be an effective approach for the interns and the organizations as well. A time bound placement of interns in the organization gives the students an opportunity to students to apply their classroom learnings to the corporate world. On the other hand, the organizations are benefited by young innovative minds that infuse new and creative ideas and design solutions to solve problems. The organizations identify their future employees from this pool of interns. With these promising benefits for the students and corporates there lies an unanswered question? How effective are these internship programs.
The primary purpose of this paper was to examine the student’s internship experience and determine whether it helped to enhance his or her ability to achieve the Learning outcomes of the internship program. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies was deemed appropriate for empirical analysis.