A Research on Stress and Mobile Learning Device


  • Z. Sheik Kamaludeen
  • V. Uma Devi


The aim of the research is to analyze the stress factors during the mobile learning process. Also, it discusses the blended mode of learning, user feedback, and user performance on various mobile learning devices. The main purpose of the research is to investigate the stress factors and mobile learning system’s links during the learning process. A comparative study is conducted among the undergraduate degree computer science & engineering students and social science students between the age groups 20 to 25. From this research it is observed that there are difference exist due to the use of blending mode of mobile learning tools such as personal computers, laptops, smart mobile phones, electronic readers, and tabs.

The stress factors related to the course and contents, graphics, user interface design, input devices, personal stress level, motivation level, technical difficulties, etc. affects the performance among the learners. It is also observed that combination of various mobile devices during the teaching and learning process helps o perform well. At that same time availability, compatibility, previous knowledge, digital skills, duration of usage etc, creates another type of stress due to digital learning. Particularly, use of mobile phones affects the eye and physical stress. The digital divide is developed among the new generation learners.  This research shows the wide gap between the various discipline learners, stress level and other parameters related to technology