Assessing the Association Between the Business Factors and Challenge Factors of Hometech Units


  • P. Annamuthu
  • R. Reena


The Technical textile industry has its applications and usage which are completely different from its nature and adoption. The technical textile industry is called interchangeably as industrial textiles, performance textiles and Hitech textiles.  The technical textiles are grouped into various forms which suits its application. The technical textiles are grouped into 12 sectors. In the Hometech segment, the product range includes fiber fill, jute carpet packing, stuffed toys, mosquito nets, aprons, mattress and pillow components, furniture fabrics and blinds. The technical textile has varied purpose which satisfies the functional applications of any industrial product, which can maintain health and safety, cost effectiveness, durability, high strength, light weight, versatility, customization, user friendliness, eco friendliness, logistical convenience and so on. Hometech textiles have been gradually gaining its importance in India but its contribution in the global technical textile is comparatively trivial.