Proposal System "Queen Uruapana" Design adapted to Change Climate, for the Handling of Queen Bee (Apis mellifera) in Andahuaylas, Perú


  • Wilber Quispe
  • Doris Esenarro
  • Ciro Rodriguez
  • Melchor Dolmos
  • Ronald Puerta


The research proposes the design of a “Queen-Uruapana” system for the management and transfer of the queen bee in different areas of life in the province of Andahuaylas of the Apurímac region - Peru. This system optimizes proper handling and transport of the queen bee to ensure the continuity of the beekeeping population through oviposition. The experiment was aimed at calculating transport mortality and acceptance in the new hive. A sample of 90 fertile queen bees of the Italian breed was taken, distributed in 3 transport models of 30 individuals in each: Benton cages, HDPE plastic cages (High-Density Polyethylene) and the proposed Queen-Uruapana cage system designed in a way horizontal cylindrical 8 cm long, 2 cm in diameter, 10 mm. of the hole for entry and exit of the queen bee with a metal mesh of 0.20 mm. of a hole. The results obtained from transport mortality were: 26.6% Benton cage, with 16.6% HDPE cage and 3.6% in Queen-Uruapana, reducing mortality, the results obtained from acceptance in the new hive were: 12% Benton cage, 3.4% HDPE cage and 96.4% in Queen-Uruapana, increasing recognition in the new colonies.