A General Framework for Streaming Data Analytics


  • D. Christy Sujatha
  • Dr. J. Gnana Jayanthi


Real time applications encompasses with streaming data which comes in huge volume  and at high speed. In recent years, data has become one of the most important features of any organization for its progression.  Most of the organizations  are turning into accomplishing real time data analytics  to get the speedy outcome  using existing  digital  data  generated every day. But building a predictive model for any real time data is a more challenging one  which attracts the attention of most of the Researchers, Academicians and Industrial Persons. The objective of this study is to design a common framework to  show  various pathways  in handling  streaming data which can be used to identify the challenges and solving techniques by the streaming research community. This general framework  illustrates several existing streaming data attaining sources, challenges and  classification algorithms in handling streaming data. It also comprises some of the  available platforms, performance metrics and applications using streaming data.