A Study of Investor Attitude & Perception in Chennai City


  • Ms. R. Banu Reka
  • Ms. R. Sasirekha


The study of investor behavior arises from the imperfections in the assumptions of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). The EMH assumes that investors will behave rationally; it is found that investors hardly act reasonably while taking investment decisions. Investors are afflicted by various psychological biases which affects the investment decision of individuals. Investors are afflicted by these behavioral biases both at the time of entry into capital markets and also at the time of exit from the capital markets. Their perception of financial information also distorts their investment decisions. This study focuses on the attitude & perception of investors while making investment choices, Also the study focuses on the impact of demographical factors like family back ground, age, occupation, sex, income, marital status, risk tolerance capacity, education etc on their investment choice. The present study is undertaken to highlight on investor behavior  in light of socio- economic factors that makes them prefer a particular investment option.