Introduction of Mechanisms and Instruments of Foreign Systems of Housing Market Financing in Russian Practice


  • Mariya Ermilova


The article highlights the need to improve the financing systemof the Russian housing market taking into account foreign experience. The author points out the existence of effective tools and mechanisms of financing of the housing market in foreign practice, which can be adapted in Russian conditions. The study presents a modernized financing system of the housing market, which is made upconsidering the implementation of the principle of consistency, where each element is interconnected with others, which allows you to get the best results from its implementation. The article stresses the need to use a crowdfunding platform in Russia, which will allow to unite market participants and accelerate the process of implementation of housing transactions. In addition, it seems appropriate to introduce a funded system that will allow to form the required payment on the mortgage. In this system, maternity fund can be used, which will increase the profitability of operations and accelerate the accumulation process. Taking into account the growing share of the elderly population, the author proposes to develop reverse mortgage mechanisms, which are presented in several options. To improve the effectiveness of the financing system of the housing market, it is proposed to introduce several additional entities, namely, the guarantee Fund and the organization carrying out state insurance of mortgage loan.