Effectiveness of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Oman


  • Dr Basil John Thomas
  • Dr Saed Adnan Mustafa


Through this conceptual work the entrepreneurship ecosystem and its effectiveness in Oman is discussed vigorously. It emphasizes on the Entrepreneurial ecosystem which is consisted of participants who would like to start the business and have the tendency to tolerate risk, and have come up with new ideas primarily to reap revenue and profits from the market.  The primary objective of the study is to measure the effectiveness of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Oman.  Consequently, various elements like inclusion of government support, human capital, finance, markets and finally culture are considered as independent variables and the entrepreneurial outcome as the dependent variable.  The results of the analysis show that entrepreneurship effectiveness has been highly achieved. Nevertheless among the five variables, only three have shown a significant influence. They are human capital, culture and finance to provide an effective entrepreneurial activity among entrepreneurs in Oman.