Study of Stylistic Lexicology


  • Feruza Melsovna Khajieva
  • Kendjayeva Gulrukh Fatilloyevna


The study of stylistic features of the language has a great importance in the sphere of linguistics and literature interpretation. The language is a phenomenon which is in the process of development. Time creates new words and they are to be put into the groups they belong. Different theories connected with stylistic organization of language level, especially stylistic lexicology show that this field of stylistics has issues for investigation. The given article discusses the groups of words studied in the stylistic lexicology and their role in the literary language. Being divided into three groups the English vocabulary is classified according neutral, literary and colloquial layers. Aforementioned layers comprise such groups of words as terms, archaic words, poetic words, nonce-words, barbarisms, slang, jargon, professionalisms, dialectal words, vulgar words, colloquial coinages. In the article they are discussed and their functions in the literary work are identified.