Tasks Management Application System


  • Rahma Jarjarah
  • Malak Al-Nory
  • Deena Shaweesh
  • Diane Igoche
  • Noha Al-Saadi
  • Nighat Mir


Tasks management application systems are becoming popular and an essential part of managing and enhancing organizational departments and project team activities, as well as improving communication between management and staff. In this work, a web based task management for NesmaCompany was developed.  This system was developed for three types of users, which are IT manager, the Oracle project manager, and the technical support manager. In addition, this system was designed for end users as well. For this work, the non functional requirement of the task management system is portability, reliability, scalability, and data handling. The functional requirement of this system is to enable the manager to designated and monitor the management of the task through the system. The architecture of the task management application is a multi-layer architecture, which is comprised of presentation layer, application layer and data access layer.  The web based task management system was tested. The outcome of the test has shown that the task management system was able to identify the required command and it has executed the outcome accordingly.   

Keywords: Task management, system, data, application, Saudi Arabia