Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Surveillance


  • Shaddin Al Zaid
  • Mohammed Shehata
  • Malack Al Harbi
  • Esraa Al Ghamdi


Nowadays, the security and surveillance is important element for any industry. The experiment aims to provide secure-effective solution for surveillance systems. There were several stages such as component design, hardware assembly, calibration, flight board modification, defined flight plan and verification and validation. The experiment prototype was consisting mechanical system and electrical system. The mechanical was propulsion system contained motor, electronic speed controller, batteries and propeller while electrical system contained flight control board, vision system, sensors and communication hardware. The system assembly and component connection was done using reference schematic. The mission plan was tested in university campus, the quadcopter had followed pointed path in the map as expected. The face classifier had been trained to analyze input image and detected faces. The upper body classifier had been trained to analyze same input image and detect upper body on the image. This classifier had been applied in different images from an aerial view with different distance.